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Pauline Goldrick

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Pauline worked in Primary schools as an infant and Deputy Head teacher for many years before setting up a pre-school in Epsom for her own children. She became an Early Years Ofsted inspector, and started working for the London borough of Croydon as EY Improvement Manager. In this role, Pauline developed many strategies to develop the quality of Private and Voluntary settings by implementing the Early Years Improvement Programme. In addition Pauline’s team created excellent EYFS Moderation processes, supporting Reception class teachers to deliver high quality practice and to make accurate profile judgements.

Pauline worked with the Standards and Testing Agency [STA] as a national EYFS Profile moderator in 2012. She has also supported many schools and settings to participate in the Effective Early Learning Project [EELs] as well has supported the strategic implementation of the extension of 2 year old provision in line with the government targets.

Pauline’s current role is EYFS Strategic Lead for Babcock 4s in Surrey LA, supporting  Nursery and Reception classes to achieve high quality, inspirational EY practice in line with the ever changing remit from Ofsted and DfE. A key focus is on developing effective EYFS observation, assessment and tracking to ensure strong EYFS  profile results,  combined with enriching the learning experience in Surrey schools through invigorating learning environments, particularly the outdoor spaces. This will enable the attainment gap to close, particularly for boys and other disadvantaged learners in Surrey.'s picture

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