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Early Years Foundation Stage Reforms

What you need to know about the EYFS reforms

  • A revised EYFS Framework will become statutory from September 2021.  The Framework is likely to be virtually identical to the early adopters EYFS framework - see link below.
  • View our annotated version of the Framework highlighting the changes from the current version.
  • Infant and primary schools had the choice to become Early Adopters from September 2020 using the Early Adopters EYFS Framework and Early Adopters EYFS Profile Handbook.  We provided advice on the option to be an "early adopter" in September 2020 counselling against this option, and only 2800 schools took it up - over 80% of the sector did not.   
  • Revised non-statutory guidance (confusingly still entitled Development Matters, but different from the 2012 version) has been published which may be used in conjunction with the revised statutory framework from 2021, or by early adopters in 2020.  Read the comments of the Early Years Coalition on this guidance and our plans for Birth to Five Matters guidance, produced by the sector, for the sector (coming soon). 
  • Exemplification materials will be available at some stage, but dates are not yet confirmed. 
  • Other early years providers cannot be early adopters in 2020-21, and the current EYFS Statutory Framework remains in force until September 2021 for everyone other than early adopters.
  • Choosing to be an early adopter of the new EYFS Framework and an early adopter of Reception Baseline Assessment in September 2020 are two separate decisions - schools could do one, both or (as we recommended) neither.
  •  You can read government's response to the consultation
  • You might also want to read our comments, those of the Early Childhood Maths Group, and watch our EYFS reforms briefing video

For the record, you can still read our response to the consultation (January 2020)

The evidence base for our concerns

Our concerns are shared by the main early years sector bodies, which came together as a coalition to communicate the sector's views to government - read response from the EYFS sector coalition



Download slides from the launch event: Literature review presentation and Practitioner survey presentation

Watch the video of the launch event on the PACEY website.

Foundation Years have provided a summary of key points.  

The Education Endowment Foundation have published the findings from the evaluation of the pilot of last summer's draft revised ELGs, which ran in 23 schools in 2018-19.

Watch the Early Years Alliance webinar with Michael Freeston and Beatrice Merrick talking about the key points in the consultaiton.

For an informed view about what should be included in the early learning goals for mathematics

Support our campaign

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